Frequently Asked Questions about Plug

As a woman, you’ll find many sex toys created to enhance your pleasure, whether you’re going solo or with a partner. One such option is the cock plug, which can provide additional stimulation to both you and your partner. Your partner can also use it alone to heighten sensation during his solo sessions.

Their safety

A cock plug that is appropriately sized and not worn long-term is generally safe.  There are plenty of case studies about damage from improperly-sized cock plugs and cock plugs that have been worn too long

How Long Can You Wear Them

There’s no cut-and-dry answer to this, but you should use common sense. It’s accepted that you can wear a cock plug for a single sex session, but not more than twenty minutes. While some people wear cock plugs more often, you want to remove it if your man experiences any pain, numbing or discoloration.

Can They Be Used with a Micro-penis

Most circular cock plugs have specific diameters, and they may be too large for someone with a micro-penis. Enter the lasso cock plug. This isn’t a closed circle. Instead, a cord is folded in half, and each end is slipped through an adjusted. With a lasso cock plug, you can adjust the ring as small — or large — as you need. You can even trim off the excess, so it doesn’t bother you during use.

Are Cock plugs All They’re Cracked up To Be?

We cannot realistically promise that using a cock plug will blow your mind and forever alter your sex life. Some people like them and find they do help with erection issues. Others love cock plug with attachments such as vibrators to stimulate their partners or anal probes/plugs.

Some people actively dislike cock plugs. For many people, they don’t do much either way, and they would rather skip the whole thing. Working out might even be a better solution to increasing cock size.

How Do You Choose The Right Cock plug?

Size is the most critical aspect. Like we suggested above, a lasso style ring fits a variety of sizes and can give you an idea of what you like. You’ll find cheap jelly and silicone rings to try out sizes. Beware that jelly can tear over time, though. If choosing a circular ring, use a fabric tape measure or a piece of string to measure your partner’s erecting penis.

Once you have established that you enjoy cock plugs, you can look into investing a little more if you’d like. Rigid materials such as glass and steel certainly look attractive, but correct sizing is essential!

Are Cock plug Sizes Standard?

You might see multipacks of cock plugs that suggest sizes such as “small” or “large.” But there’s no standard for what “large” means. It’s better to measure the cock plug, so you know for sure because people aren’t always good at guessing size by sight alone.

 The Bottom Line

 It is all up to you to decide, from the above information, whether cock plugs are good for you, and go for them.